18th Annual Preschool and Enrichment Fair
by FUN Mothers' Club

March 19, 2022; 10 am - 1 pm

Address: Centerville Presbyterian Church, 4360 Central Ave, Fremont, CA  94536

Preschool and Enrichment Fair (PSEF) is a tri-city wide event that brings together various preschools and extracurricular programs designed for children!  All under one roof, this is an unique opportunity to research what options are available for your child for preschool and beyond in the tri-city area. 

Our group of volunteer moms work together every year to put together this event for the community.

PSEF 2022 is an in-person event. If your preschool, STEAM business, after school program is interested in participating, please contact info@funmothersclub.org.

We introduced 'Flyer Table' in 2019 and it was a huge success. This year we will continue with this initiative - if you are not able to host a booth, participate by placing your flyers. Reach out to us for that as well.

PSEF is FREE and open to club members and the public, bring your friends! 

2022 Preschool & Enrichment Fair Participant Registration 

In 2021, the club hosted its very first virtual PSEF (17th Annual PSEF). Here is a video recording of our discussion panel.

Download the Event Handout: Returning to Child Care & Kids Activities Checklist & Tips

Thank you to all the programs who participated in this unprecedented year! We appreciate your support.

~ 2021 Participants ~

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