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The FUNMC Experience is based on building new friendships for yourself and your kids.

In a time of excess and consumption, let's put our weight behind what is important- people and relationships. Gift an experience of human connection.

Each one of us can build a village of our own right here in the midst of Silicon Valley. Each one of us needs a tribe and we can build a meaningful one with a first leap of faith and trust in fellow moms.

Share your commitment of support for first time moms and seasoned moms with a gift of membership. Each member receives a full year of access to FUNMC events. Face to face interactions, participating in events, conversations about work ,family & kids, and new friendships are bound to last beyond a one year membership.

Give a Gift of Membership to a mom friend in your life. FUNMC membership is a unique gift option for a baby shower, birthday or anniversary.

Giving an experience gift to a mom is a meaningful way to provide support, ease, and care to someone who might be to busy to think of something for themselves. 

So whether your friend is a ...

  • New Parent
  • Soon to be New Parent
  • New to the Neighborhood Parent
  • Parent who likes to have FUN

Then, consider us.

To purchase a gift membership, please indicate the name and email of your Mom (Mom to be) gift recipient. Once the membership is paid we will send her an email invitation to complete her registration and include your note.

For questions contact

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Gift Recipient Email
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