FUN Mothers’ Club Leadership Position Descriptions

Updated April 2017

Administrative Team

President (6-12 hrs per week, plus club mtgs) Oversee all facets of the Club. Be the main representative of and spokesperson for the Club to outside groups. Mediate and resolve conflicts within the Board and the Club. Keep general membership informed of decisions and updates regarding the Board and Club, ex: listing board meetings in the newsletter and on BigTent. Draft initial budget with the Treasurer, review it monthly and consult on all updates.  Act as second signatory(ies) for the Club bank account at Bank of America.  Prepare agenda and chair the monthly Board meetings, and edit/approve the minutes. Attend General meetings and make announcements of upcoming events. Recruits members for vacant Board positions. Hold all Board members accountable for their commitments and support those Board members as needed. Oversee the formation and modification of any Club documentation (e.g. bylaws, policies, forms). Coordinate with and assist Treasurer with filing of yearly IRS/State tax documents. Organize and administer mid-year Club evaluation, report results back to membership via newsletter with actions planned. Maintain compilation of important information that transfers with each term. As BigTent Administrator: approve applicants for membership, update the membership fees in the system, help Moderator to verify information posted is accurate and follows by-laws, ensure events are promoted, etc. Organize and execute Board social(s). Write a monthly newsletter article from the President and support Editor in proofing newsletter. At end of term, act as advisor to incoming board.

Vice President (2-4 hrs. per week, plus club mtgs)
Train for the office of President to allow for continuity of leadership. Assist and support the President in carrying out her duties or takes on some of those duties as the President and Vice President mutually agree. Facilitate and preside over Board or general meetings in the absence of the President.

Maintain the email account. Respond to all email inquiries from potential new members, advertisers, etc. Pass on contact info to appropriate board member. Upon contact with potential new members, discuss the functions, activities, and benefits of the club. Email relevant information to interested potential members. Be available to answer questions by phone or email from new members who have just signed up (contact info will be included in Big Tent welcome email).

President and Vice President will be responsible for hosting the October Year End Member Appreciation Dinner: Choose location, plan for dinner, advertise, post on BigTent events, etc. as needed for the October Year End Dinner.  Traditionally, we have goodie bags for participants and raffles as well. Dessert table would be nice as well.

(1 hr per month plus club mtgs) Record and write up the minutes from all board meetings. Send minutes to the President for review, then post on Big Tent in Board Subgroup folder and send out announcement to board. Organize ballot forms preparation, distribution, collection and tabulation of results for any club wide votes.

Treasurer  (3-5 hrs per month plus club mtgs) Assist President to formulate initial budget. Receive all funds for the Club. Act as primary signatory for the bank account. Be chief custodian of funds, keeping an accurate record of all monies received and paid out (i.e.: member reimbursements and bills due) in QuickBooks. Coordinate with and assist the President and Vice President with filing of yearly IRS/State tax documents. File and preserve all receipts, bank statements and cancelled checks. Collect and record dues. Attend Board Meetings to update the board on financial status of the club. Prepare an updated monthly budget for board and post in the Big Tent Board folder. Prepare financial report for newsletter as needed/requested. Report any irregularities regarding Club funds to the President as soon as possible. Visit PO Box on regular basis to retrieve mail, distribute to appropriate board member. Follow up with members or potential member’s payment issues. Communicate with board members re: payments, contracts received and line item budget updates.

Information Team

Volunteer Coordinator
Write article for monthly newsletter promoting upcoming volunteer opportunities or post on the BigTent forum as needed. At board members’ request, send out messages to forums requesting volunteers. Make sure volunteer lists are updated once someone has fulfilled their obligation. Make corrections in Big Tent database pertaining to volunteer requirement completion. Help promote volunteerism via reminder emails to those who have not volunteered.

Resource Guide 
(1-3 hrs. per month while updating directory plus club mtgs, once directory is updated for the year, 1 hr per month plus club mtgs)
Responsible for the Preschool, Business-electrician, plumber, general contractor, etc., Daycare/preschool (or work with the Preschool Faire coordinator on this directory), Kid Friendly Restaurant and Babysitter/Nanny directories. Make updates to Directories as necessary. Responsible for the creation of new directories as needed based on membership interest. Post and maintain all directories onto website and in Big Tent folder. Occasional reminder or announcement of directories on Big Tent.

FUNMC Website &  WildApricot Admin
(1-3 hrs per month plus club mtgs for general updating, more if website overhaul)
Maintain/update WordPress website. Some knowldge of HTML, CSS, Internet protocols, and WordPress helpful. Deal with domain name, hosting, and email issues as they arise. Actively promote website to membership through newsletter. Receive information from board members and post on website.  Receive newsletter in PDF format from newsletter team and post monthly.

Administer Bigtent and be the go-to person for Bigtent issues, working with Bigtent Support on behalf of the club. Produce reports using WildApricot as needed; Approve online memberships and provide administrative support for Board Members.

Social Forums Coordinator  (2-3 hours per month plus club mtgs)
Moderate all member-generated content in line with the moderation policy for each community (Facebook, Bigtent chat, and Twitter).  Moderator will notify those who violate these guidelines. Generate, edit, publish and share content when appropriate (invites, pictures, video or HTML) to promote club activities.  Maintain and optimize FUNMC pages within Facebook and Twitter to increase visibility of the club.

Newsletter Team

Newsletter Editor 
(5-7 hrs per month)
Oversee all aspects of publishing the monthly newsletter containing information about Club activities, upcoming events and items of interest. Collect, edit, organize and proofread newsworthy items and information received from members. Receive information for publication in the newsletter from the board and membership by the agreed upon deadlines. Send monthly reminders to board and membership reminding them of deadlines including board members responsible for various aspects of the newsletter, including Columnists (e.g. From the President, FUNMC by the numbers, Social Calendar and Playgroup Corner). If necessary, coordinate with Layout and Advertising.

(1-5 hrs. per month plus club mtgs)
Act as Club Representative to all Advertising Clients. Establish and maintain a good relationship with current advertisers to ensure a high satisfaction level. Submit ads to the Newsletter Layout on a monthly basis. Maintain binder with list of advertisers, all current signed contracts, current rates and current specs. Follow up with advertisers as their contract expires to arrange for a new contract, if applicable. Request on time payments and assist Treasurer in reconciling as needed. Achieve sales revenue budget target for the year supplied by the President at the beginning of the fiscal year. Follow up with inquiries and contact potential clients with pricing and samples.

Social Team

Kids Outings, Playgroups 
(3-10 hrs. per month plus club mtgs)
Kids Outing (Can be split to two people: 1 Weekday, 1 Weekend): Organize at least one monthly craft, park day and outing (or more).   Coordinate volunteers to host each event and to receive RSVPs. Send out reminders, promote outings on BigTent. Manage volunteers to help execute this position. Post events in Newsletter and on Big Tent Calendar.

Playgroups: Keep list of open playgroups for posting on Big Tent, the website and in the newsletter. Monitor playgroup email inbox, and promptly respond. Be available to answer new and prospective members’ questions and help them find a playgroup. Encourage and assist new playgroups to form. Write monthly Playgroup Corner article for newsletter.

Moms Night Out Coordinator 
(less than 1 hr per month, plus attend event)
Plan and schedule monthly MNO for moms only events.  Post/promote event on BigTent, Newsletters, and social media.  Send out RSVP and reminders to event. Answer questions about event, if any. Make reservations or setup at event locations as needed. Attend function.

Family Events 
(6 hours per month, 15+hrs in the month of the event plus club mtgs)
Events: Organize, plan, form appropriate committees and oversee four family parties per year (Halloween, Winter Party, Spring party, and Summer Family Picnic). Advertise in newsletter and on Big Tent, submit receipts, work within the given budget, handle RSVPs and all aspects of these events. Solicit donations for event if desired.

Coffee Socials (less than 1 hr per month plus club mtgs/socials)
Schedule monthly coffee socials. If desired, coordinate volunteers to host each coffee social event and to receive RSVPs. Post/promote events in Newsletter and Big Tent. Send reminders and directions to attendees.

May Pampering Coordinator (beginning in January or February 20-30 hrs per month increasing to 60+ hours month leading up to event.)
Manage all aspects of the May Pampering Event including, but not limited to: Begin recruiting volunteers to plan and execute May Pampering Event before the event. Coordinate volunteers and assign responsibilities. Find venue for May Event. Compose and send via mail or email, letters of solicitation for donations and services of pampering such as hair, massage, waxings, reflexology (as desired), food, decorations, and door prizes. Coordinate with treasurer for monies and reimbursements for necessary materials. Stay within designated budget. Promote event on BigTent.

Manage all aspects of the May Pampering Event including, but not limited to: Begin recruiting volunteers to plan and execute May Pampering Event before the event. Coordinate volunteers and assign responsibilities. Find venue for May Event. Compose and send via mail or email, letters of solicitation for donations and services of pampering such as hair, massage, waxings, reflexology (as desired), food, decorations, and door prizes. Coordinate with treasurer for monies and reimbursements for necessary materials. Stay within designated budget. Promote event on BigTent.

Working Moms Social Coordinator 
(less than 1 hour per month plus club mtgs/socials)
Plan and schedule monthly weekend socials for working moms & family.  Send out reminders and promote the events on BigTent.

New Member Social Coordinator 
(less than 1 hour per month plus club mtgs/socials)
Schedule monthly socials to welcome new members.  Post/promote events in Newsletter and Big Tent. Send reminders and directions to attendees.

Schedule monthly socials to welcome new members.  Post/promote events in Newsletter and Big Tent. Send reminders and directions to attendees.

Relay for Life 
(few hours a month leading up to the event, increasing to more hours the month of the event)
Attend meetings with the city’s RFL team. Fundraise the months leading to the event and after. Organize and prepare for the RFL event. Recruit members to the FUNMC team.

New Member Welcome & Support 
(~3 hrs. per month plus club meetings)
Coordinate and attend monthly new member information session and social, solicit volunteers to hold meetings or host yourself – if so desired, promote event on Big Tent, track and respond to RSVPs and questions, and follow-up. Email or call new members monthly. Write or solicit content for newsletter article monthly for the “Member Orientation” section, including “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Did You Know…” topics.

Special Interests Teams

Club Promotion 
(2-4 hrs per month plus club mtgs)
Launch promotional campaigns to encourage members to write reviews of our club. Write and send press releases to event sites (Eventbrite, Yelp, Craigslist, etc) about upcoming public events such as public Speaker Series and Preschool Faire. Attend public events to promote our club and take pictures to update online social networking website such as Facebook after the event. Encourage media coverage of club activities and community outreach events. Keep a current list of local contacts and resources through which we can increase the clubs exposure to new members (hospitals, libraries, city rec depts., etc.). Produce, copy, order and disseminate collateral material to publicize FUNMC (brochures, fliers, and business cards) when needed.

Community Outreach 
(2-3 hrs. per month, but it’s really what you want to make of it!)
Collect contributions from Club members, often at FUN Mothers’ Club events, for a local family-oriented charity (usually around the holidays). Deliver donations to the designated non-profit organization.

Research and coordinate participation in charitable events that our members may be interested in, such as Super Hero Heart Run.  Connect interested Club members with volunteer opportunities (one-time and ongoing volunteer events).  Send out Community Outreach Updates to let members know of upcoming community events, volunteer opportunities, and ways to give back.

Preschool Faire  (preliminary planning starts during the previous fiscal year / October – 1hr/day up to Nov, December – 1.5hr/day, Jan/Feb – 2hrs/day + club mtgs)

Planning may begin in the previous fiscal year, otherwise, in October, plan and secure a sponsored venue and confirm the details of the venue for the faire. In November, prepare and invite a list of preschools to participate in the faire. Get sponsorships for the faire. Send out invitation letter to preschools. In December, send out reminder and collect payment. Promote and advertise the faire on BigTent and FUNMC newsletter & other social media (Facebook, Twitter). Prepare and distribute Faire Flyers to public. In January, do more advertisements & more promotions. Liaise with sponsored venue the arrangement of the tables/chairs for the faire, the participant list, organize entertainments for the faire. In February, focus on details of the event; coordinate volunteers to set up and cleanup the event. Gather volunteers to help with registration, flow of the traffic, food/beverage sales, & after event cleanup.

Special Support Positions

Maternity Closet Coordinator 
(3 hrs (or less) per month plus club mtgs)
Organize, sort, and store (at your home or in club storage unit) donated maternity wear for interested mothers in our club. Hold quarterly socials, if Maternity Closet Coordinator desires and sees fit. Submit articles to the newsletter advertising this resource to club members. Contact pregnant members by email to apprise them of this resource. Solicit new donations as needed. Weed out unsuitable donations and donate those to a charitable organization. Make clothes available to members on an as needed basis.

In-A-Pinch Coordinator (1-3 hrs. per month plus club mtgs)

Actively determine the needs of individuals in the Club by listening for when a member may be in need and regularly running a report of pregnant moms and determining if they want to sign up. Post and then promote the need via the Big Tent IAP subgroup/main chat to sign up volunteers for meal delivery (8 per request), transportation as needed. Moderate BigTent IAP Subgroup. Provide individuals receiving help with a list of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of volunteers for contact and a thank you. Remind members to update their new baby information in BigTent. Send reminder notification to each volunteer a few days before her sign-up date to remind her of her responsibility. Make an announcement and give angel rewards at each general meeting/in newsletter as members reach five meals delivered in a fiscal year. Write monthly newsletter article including a thank you to volunteers.


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