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Father's Day Celebration Event

Sunday, June 17, 2018 9:51 AM | Deleted user

Our first FUN Father's Day event was very memorable. The Monthly social team spent weeks planning to ensure dads had fun, felt involved, and honored.

At the event, the dads had the opportunity to mingle and talk with one another. The FUN Kids enjoyed the play structure and the outdoors. There were games, a trivia quiz, charades, and of course prizes for dads and kids! One of the prizes was given to the Dad and Lad with the best matching outfit, it was the matching shirt that put them over the top!

The Kids brought special cards, photo frames,  pictures they drew, and gifted these treasures to their dads. The Dads were beaming with pride.

Father's day is a special day of the year and FUNMC appreciates all the hard work, love and guidance that dads give to the little ones. Thanks to our Member Families in Fremont. Union City, and Newark (FUN Families) for celebrating our Father's Day with us!

And special thanks to our creative board members Tina Chau and Geeta Masand, they make a great team. They planned this event to it's minutest detail. Bravo!

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