FUN Mothers Club Member Benefits

The Fremont, Union City, Newark Mother’s Club (FUNMC) has annual rolling memberships that ends 1 year from your join date. While we are a volunteer-run organization, volunteering is optional. 

Membership for 1 year: $50

Here are a few of the great FUNMC benefits you can expect from a FUN Mothers Club membership:

  • FUN events – New Member and Coffee Socials, Mom’s Night Out, Kid’s park and craft days, Kid’s Outings, Summer Family Picnic, Halloween Party, Spring Fling, Field Trips, Winter Party, Members-only annual Pamper party. These events will more than offset your cost of membership!
  • Age-specific playgroups, book club, working moms get-togethers, and more.
  • In-a-pinch meals delivered with love on a volunteer basis by other club members for our moms in need
  • Participate in community charity efforts providing for needy families during the holidays.
  • A private online forum with your personal profile, a calendar, club roster and important club files where you can access resources such as a club-only classifieds, preschool directory, and post sensitive topics anonymously.
  • Members with their own business get listed on our website’s Moms-Owned Business Directory

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