We all have passions and desire to be part of the local community of parents. It gives us the sense that we belong together.

FUNMC teams up with organizations that allow our children to use their growing skills for a good cause. If you are a family in the tri-city area then we invite you to join hands with us to be part of our community outreach.  Involve kids and give the experience of what it feels like to be an engaged part of the community.  Small gestures in community involvement are the first steps in fostering passion for long term community efforts.

In the end, what we value most in ourselves is not what we get, but what we gave back.

If you have volunteer opportunities, non-profits you love, or seminar topics you’d like to see us highlight, please get in touch!  We love finding ways to keep everyone aware and involved.

 Events occur at an ongoing basis and are always in need of more volunteers. FUNMC was established in 1996 and our focus has always been to give back.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to learn more, do more, and serve more.



Through various activities we give little ones a sense of responsibility for our community. We provide opportunities for everyone to participate and contribute their talents to benefit our friends, neighbors and our planet. We have an annual caroling tradition to sing to the senior citizens at Masonic Home and have started bringing cheer by decorating greeting cards and distributing them to the residents.

We’ve also partnered with LEAF center to help with gardening tasks.

Packing Parties

Families get together to sort, pack, and deliver items to donate. These parties are great to get our littlest ones involved in helping out. We have hosted packing parties for the organizations we partner with including Loved Twice (Winter 2017) and Mended Little Hearts (Spring 2018). Viola Blythe Community Service Center (Summer 2018)

Speakers and Workshops

Along with our General Speaker series, we make it a priority to bring helpful resources to the community.  This has come in different seminars that are open to the community. We keep members and others educated about important causes and parent-related topics including..

  • Money Talks (how to talk to your kids about money) by Michael Santos of New York Life

  • Estate Planning from a Parent’s Perspective by Shannon Liu Shair of Liu Shair Law

  • Essential Talks to have with kids about sex and relationships by Anya Manes

  • Personal Emergency Preparedness by the Community Emergency Response Team of City of Fremont

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