Frequently Asked Questions

How long does membership last?

We currently have annual rolling membership, which means that your membership automatically expires 1 year from the time you join.

What does it mean to have a membership where you have to volunteer?

Examples of volunteer tasks could include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Be on the board of directors in an ongoing position
  • Host coffee social
  • Host Dad and Hiking
  • Host kids outing
  • Host Mom’s Night Out
  • Host a playgroup
  • Charity during holiday for sponsored groups
  • Being a subgroup leader (book club, pregnant mommies, working moms, etc.)
  • Making and delivering a meal to a fellow member for our in-a-pinch program
  • Working a shift at a FUNMC event
  • Promote our club through community events
  • Helping to distribute flyers or bringing in a sponsorship from local business

What makes FUN Mothers Club different than a free group on Facebook?

FUN Mothers Club is a not-for-profit, registered 501(c)3 organization with bylaws that govern how it is run by all-volunteer board. Mothering can be a lonely and isolating job, and merely posting on Facebook just doesn’t cut it. We focus on in-person, face-to-face, and local community interaction like coffee socials, dinners, family parties, playgroups, book clubs, working mom get-togethers, and community outreach events. Your membership fee goes to help support these in-person, members-only, and local community events.

We monitor who joins the club and protect member privacy. We do not currently have a Facebook group. While it is something we have and are continually looking into and evaluating, Facebook’s terms change often and privacy can be an issue for Facebook groups members. Facebook groups extend the notion of Friends. We do not currently have the resources to keep up with the frequent changes and the management it would require to run it properly.

What events do you have going on?

Annual Events:

  • Jan/Feb – Preschool and enrichment Fair, free and open to the community
  • March – Spring Family Event Party/Easter Egg Hunt
  • May – Mother’s Day Pampering Event
  • June-Fathers'Day Celebration
  • July/Aug – Summer Party/BBQ
  • Sep/Oct – Fall Family Event
  • October –  FUNMC Member Appreciation Dinner
  • Dec/Jan – Winter Family Event

Regular Monthly Events:

  • Moms Night Out
  • Coffee Social
  • Working Moms Brunch
  • Kids Outings
  • Age-specific children Playgroups
  • General Meeting /Speaker series

Can I give a gift membership to a friend?

Yes, absolutely! You can purchase a gift membership online here.

How to I contact the club’s organizer with a question?

Email at

You can contact us by emailing us or by leaving a Google Voice message. We will usually respond within 48 hours.

What is your Hold Harmless Agreement for Preschool and Enrichment Fair 2023?

As a registered vendor I agree to hold harmless, indemnify, and/or defend, if necessary, at their own cost, the Fremont, Union City, & Newark Mothers’ Club (hereinafter referred to as the "FUNMC"); Centerville Presbyterian Church and/or all fundraising groups, officers, directors, members and volunteers associated with FUNMC and Centerville Presbyterian Church.
All vendors, concessionaires, service providers, and school groups hereby agree to maintain their own workers’ compensation and comprehensive general liability insurance which will hold harmless, indemnity, and/or defend, if necessary, FUNMC , Centerville Presbyterian Church including all fundraising groups, officers, directors, members and volunteers associated with FUNMC and Centerville Presbyterian Church.

Note: The terms and conditions of this agreement shall apply with respect to Vendor’s /Concessionaires’ /Service Providers /School group’s operations on the premise located at: Centerville Presbyterian Church 4360 Central Avenue  Fremont, CA 94536 February 25, 2023

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