Out With the Old, In With the New…


...Board that is! It's the 1st of November and that means a fresh start for the F.U.N. Mothers' Club. Many thanks to Anne and Ranjani, and the rest of the 2012-2013 Board for doing an amazing job!

And now, we present the new F.U.N. Mothers' Club Board for the 2013-2014 term...(drumroll, please...)

President - Connie Hodgeman
Vice President & Club Promotion - Gabriella Khorasanee
Secretary - Insert your name here!
Treasurer - Rupeet Malhotra

Database & Newsletter Layout - Ranjani Raghavan
Moderator & Volunteer Coordinator - Linda Tsang-Kong
Resource Guide - Tannia Bretzke
Website & Social Media- Irene Shen Stanley
Social Media - Insert your name here!

Newsletter Editor - Saraswathy Lakshmivaraham
Advertising - Uma Menon

Kids' Outings & Playgroups - Jie Zhang
Moms' Night Out - Karen Ling & Karen Chan
Family Events - Tejal Swar & Shilpa Vishwanathan
Coffee Socials - Jonni Zukauskas

May Pampering - Kitty Aquino-Esparrago
Preschool Faire & Playgroups- Urmila Padmanabhan
Relay for Life - Deannalani Realinia

Maternity Closet - Lisa Isailovic
IAP Coordinator - Selvia Widodo
Community Outreach - Anne Hernandez

Advisory Council - Elizabeth Crandall-Whittom, Lisi M and Laura Koski

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F.U.N. Mother's Club is a community of moms supporting moms, by providing opportunities for socialization, friendship, and service to the Tri-City community.

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